Harpy Eagle Charity Enamel Pin

$12.00 USD
  • Harpy Eagle Charity Enamel Pin
  • Harpy Eagle Charity Enamel Pin

The harpy eagle is a very good birb, very fluffy indeed. They also live in the Amazon rainforest, and losing their habitat at a rapid pace.

All profits from this pin will be donated to RainforestTrust.org where they buy land in endangered areas to turn into nature preserves. You can visit their website to find out more about this charity.

This pin was made in collaboration with many other pinmakers spearheaded by the Amazing @onicakeco who have their own rainforest charity pins for preorder. To see and support other pins, search #pinsfortheamazonrainforest in Instagram. Thank you so much In advance for your support and contribution!

1.5" gold plated hard enamel pin.

*colours may differ slightly from physical print due to lighting and screen variations*